Lutron Automation

Office Blinds is a certified seller of Lutron Blinds. Lutron offers the quietest motor available and comes with hem bar alignment, regardless of shade size all motors would move up and down at the exact same speed, unlike other motors. Lutron motors are available for roller blinds, sun shades, or honeycomb blinds in varying light control options. Lutron motors come with an industry-leading battery motor that is able to be changed without taking down the shade. Lutron offers smart control which would allow you to control from anywhere at any time.

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Lutron Automation Elements


Control Lutron blinds remotely from your mobile anywhere worldwide.


Motors are compatible with all Lutron blinds & drapery.

Smart Home

Voice control. Works with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Schedules. Set custom schedules and scenes.

Add-On Features


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